Custom LED Neon Signs

Neon LED Flex Signs
What's the alternative for expensive traditional neon glass signs? A neon flex sign! These LED neon signs are the trend nowadays and are popularly known as the modern type of neon. Neon flex signs are made of silicon tubes with LED strips in it, making them less prone to breakage as opposed to the traditional glass signs that are brittle and overly sensitive. Of course, no-one wants to worry about glass shards rambling around!
With so many cool and funky styles, you can choose the custom neon wall art that best suits your needs. Be it a party, a gig, an exhibitor showroom, or just at home, it would exude that special glow that makes you feel that everything just seemed to be a notch brighter. For those who want to set the mood, can adjust the brightness of the neon sign through a dimmer. Design your neon text with our online text designer and order the sign which fits your taste. On another note, neon LED wall lights are super easy to install. It's lightweight, making it easy breezy for you to move it around from one spot to another. It's not rocket science at all! It can easily be hung by chains or wall-mounted on the wall with screws or small bolts.
Neon LED Light
Making a statement is a must for every business. With all the competition around, we want to make sure that we stand out and get the most attention. Yes, there are many ways to advertise or promote your business like tarpaulins or printed boards and banners, but it won't strike as much as LED light signs with its arresting neon colors glow.
LED custom signs with its bright, colorful lights, animation, and trendy designs always make heads turn. It's not only an excellent form of advertising, it's economical as well. You can also have creative designs for categories like bar LED signs, LED man cave signs, LED coffee signs, or LED open lights, and many more. Personalized LED signs would last for a long time, and you wouldn't have to shell out and hurt your pockets for less effective advertisements.

You want to promote a brand or have a more personal touch? No worries, we got you covered! You can have custom logo LED signs or custom LED name signs for business. We have designed many cool LED signs be it custom LED signs for cars, retro LED signs, light up restaurant signs, retail-LED signage LED real estate signs, or any other type of business. Just send us an image or tell us what you want, with a request form and leave the rest to us. We will provide you free design mockups for you to choose from in a short time.