What is the material used to make Neon LED signs?

LED neon signs are known as the modern Neon, made of silicone material with LED strips inside it. An acrylic or metal backer is used to support the overall sign tubbing.

Why LED neon signs?

LED Neon is a trend nowadays, be it a cafe, shopping mall, party, and even in many houses. LED signs are everywhere due to the features that empower takeover all other light-up options.
  • Affordable: have no maintenance cost, and the upfront cost is also way less than a traditional neon glass sign.
  • Visual Appeal: stunning brightness that catches anyone's attention.
  • High longevity: nothing lasts a lifetime, but this lasts at least 50000 hours to your service.
  • User-friendly: Not sensitive like glass, safe to touch, and no danger of getting glass shards in the way.
  • Energy Efficiency: No bill shock, only uses up a small amount of power -Voltage of 24V/120V.

What are the colors range do you provide?

We have 12 radiant neon colors for LED neon signs.

I need a sign I can use for outdoor, can this be done?

We can make your LED sign suitable for outdoor use with an additional custom cost depending on your LED sign size.

What is the usual turnaround time to receive the sign?

It usually takes 2-4 weeks to deliver your customized sign, including, manufacturing and shipping.

Is it possible to expedite custom LED order?

Yes, we can expedite your custom made LED sign as less as 3 business days. To get an exact estimate of your sign's time and cost, please contact our friendly representative.

Does the sign come with any accessories?

The LED sign comes with an ON and OFF switch on 6ft power cable, Small standoff bolts, hanging chains, dimmer and a power adapter.

Is it okay to leave the LED light sign ON for the whole night?

Of course! You can even have them ON non-top for 24/7 without affecting the performance and longevity of the sign.

How much does a custom sign cost?

The cost of a custom sign will vary according to the size and complexity of the design. Use the custom text tool to get a price, or contact to our friendly representatives.

Are the signs covered with any warranty?

Yes, we got you covered on LED neon signs for one full year. To know more, feel free to head to our warranty page.

What are the possible animations for custom signs?

LED dot light up signs are the best option for showing animation, from simple ON/OFF flashing to karate action, dancing, or biking. Get a free mockup design of your logo or brand name into beautiful and unique animated LED dot signs with our creative team.

What is the lead time for a Custom LED sign?

Custom made to order LED dot Sign are delivered within 2-4 weeks from the order date. In the case of outdoor LED dot signs, an additional 3 business days to usual lead time. If it is a fully animated LED sign, it may take up to 5 weeks.
(Lead times will increase during the holidays)

Can LED dot signs be used outdoors?

We can upgrade your sign for outdoor use for an additional custom fee, depending on sign size.

How long do LED dot signs last?

LED dot signs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours and can last more depending on the care.

Do your signs come with a warranty?

All our signs come with a 1 Year warranty from date of purchase. Read more

What are the colors I can have on my sign?

All our neon colors are bright and enchanting even from a distance.

Can I have my logo converted into an LED dot sign?

We specialize in creating custom signs and can convert brand logos into LED dot signs. Please send us a request by filling out this form with your requirements to provide you a free mockup with a quote.

Does the sign come with hanging hardware and power supply?

It comes with hanging chains and a 6-12k laptop-style adapter.

Can you leave them on for 24hrs, and will it affect their longevity?

The sign can be kept on for 24hrs without affecting its longevity.