Custom Desktop Neon Sign

Gone are the days when you had ordinary lights trying to brighten up your dull corners. Though they did the trick in the old days, you could still sense that something is missing and that you can make it better; this is where sculpture signs come to the rescue!

So what are they? Sculptures are small, shaped, neon table lights that can illuminate any space. Highly skilled artisans handcraft neon desk lights, and since signs are shaped into a specific design, these desktop neons would also make an excellent aesthetic piece almost anywhere you want it to place.

Another remarkable trait is its portability and energy efficiency. You can leave it on 24/7 without taking trouble for its longevity. Put it or take it anywhere. As long as there is a standard outlet, you'll be good to go.

Custom Desktop Neon Sign
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Tabletop Neon Signs

Some perfect examples of these table neon signs are the heart neon lamp, rainbow neon lamp, ugh neon lamp, love neon lamp, rose neon lamp, and the skull neon lamp. Choosing to go with table neon light is like hitting two birds in one stone- you have decor and light rolled together as one!

Now it doesn't matter if you choose to have it in a single color or, if you're feeling giddy, you can have multiple colors in one sign. Although it defaults to have a solid black base to support the sign, the lamp's base color can also be customized according to your preference.

Neon lamps would include the following:
  • Transformer - DC12V
  • With individual on/off switch on the power cord.
  • 1-year warranty for indoor use only.