Custom Stardust Lodge Logo Neon Sign 3
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Custom Stardust Lodge Logo Neon Sign 3We got the package this morning thank you, the sign came out beautiful.

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Custom Stardust Lodge Logo Neon Sign 3

SKU: vnlc-1254
Colors: Red, White, Pink and Blue
Sign Type: Indoor Neon Sign
Availability: Yes - (Custom Made to Order - Ships in 7-10 Working Days)
Free Figure Touch Dimmer
Free Figure touch Dimmer included
Price: $239.00
List Price: $299.00
In Continental
US and Canada
16 x 16 inches
24 x 24 inches (+$105.00)

Custom Stardust Lodge Logo Neon Sign 3
Custom Stardust Lodge Logo Neon Sign 3 is made by flexible silicone tubes curved into the desired design by our experienced artisans mounted on an acrylic backer. This sign is 16 x 16 - inches size and consists of neon Red, White, Pink and Blue tubing on it. Custom Stardust Lodge Logo Neon Sign 3 sign is custom made to order, carrying a 1-year warranty complying with CE, UL, and ROHS (international safety standard). The sign also includes four small standoff bolts, 6 feet cord, a power adapter, dimmer, and hanging chains to hang the sign on the display window or on the wall, whichever option fits your purpose.

Note: LED Neon Signs upgraded for outdoor usage are weather-resistant carrying a 6-month warranty.

We provide you with multiple shapes, colors, and materials backing style to customize.

Visual impact:

Neon flex sign has 190 lumens of brightness enough to leave all its prospectors in amaze. The constant glow and radiant colors set up every event's mood, be it a Party, Wedding, Bar, or your Home; it will surely be the backdrop of every picture taken on the venue.


LED flex tubes don't emit heat or shatter easily, which may be the case with traditional neon glass signs. Its safety has increased its scope for broader use than just for commercial purposes. It can be a beautiful decor for your kid's room, work desk, birthday party, almost anywhere you want to have it.


LED neon light is an affordable option to light up every corner; you want to make it interesting. Custom Stardust Lodge Logo Neon Sign 3 will continue to energize your place for more than 50,000 hours, consuming less electricity, significantly costing you less in the long run.